I like games and I find time to learn and develop them.

I just started learning Unity and participated in My First Game Jam. I built a game while traveling for work and while it’s pretty basic, I’m pretty glad I finished something and that I learned a lot!

I’m working on a slightly less goofy, slightly more involved 2D game. For now, my profileĀ remains woefully sparse but getting there.



A few years ago, I decided to try developing for the Roblox platform. I realize it’s a little weird developing for a kids community when not a kid – I did it because I liked the built in ability to publish and incorporate multi-player. IĀ  decided to wrap it up with Roblox after about a year given that it was making me feel about 100 years old, but here’s what I made:

Check them out!


Mile House Just started! Working on a mile house concept. For this weekend I mostly focused on setting up basic player movement/sprite flips, procedural generation of assets like trees (as well as garbage collection) and parallax scrolling of bg elements. Not bad for a few hours – pretty happy with it so far. Long, long way …