Debugging Roblox games in the client using the Developer Console

As the game creator, you can see your output window by using the Developer Console. Get there by pressing F9 while playing in the client. Choose the “Server output” window and you’ll be able to see anything you would see in the output window in Studio.

Some cool things you can do with this output window:

  • filter the output for certain words
  • run commands off the command line

Note that only the game creators can see server output and run commands. Players of your game will have a console that shows errors output to the client.

When I first started developing, I found debugging my game on the client incredibly frustrating, because I didn’t know about the output window for the client. I wrote a bunch of functions to debug information to chat, which was cumbersome and difficult to use.

You can find more information on the Developer Console on the wiki.


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