New Features

  • Save icon and time last saved added, message in player message center about saving taken away (should reduce message clutter)
  • Night Trees light up a bit at night

User Experience Improvements

  • Changed "Town Center" label on map to "Plant store" and moved its spawn point closer to the seeds
  • Changed the store item models because the thousands of seeds in the containers caused a lot of lag
  • Adjusted tree stats (cost, output) for better game balance
  • Item details now show you the output of the tree ("this tree gives you C$5 every 2 seconds"). Also shows you how many you have in seed storage and planted

Bugs Fixed

  • When a player used a boost, the boost timer counted down for ALL PLAYERS on the server, then counted down that number of seconds. So a player boost would tick down five seconds at a time, and other players would also see their timer start ticking down. Fixed.

You can play Battle Farm HERE. Thanks for playing!

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