New Features

  • Your building now has an elevator instead of the stairs, and there's the start of a floor management panel where you'll be able to assign floor types soon. This was a big one and took a couple of days and a fair amount of angst but much better than the old way, I think.
  • Teleport GUI completed
  • You can now collect teleports as you run around

User Experience Improvements

  • "You equipped your shovel" message only happens until you have 6+ trees planted (instead of every single time). It also now only goes to the player message, not chat.
  • Adjusted pricing and output of High Yield trees - some levels were worth less than their regular tree counterparts of the same cost. If you bought these trees before this version: you're lucky! Those trees are going to make it rain
  • Adjusted gift from found coins to be based on player level.

You can play Battle Farm HERE. Thanks for playing!

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