Note: Roblox appears to be having problems and games are only half-loading in Studio, so I am going to walk away and let things sort themselves out for a bit...

New Features

  • It's a participation trophy! You get a badge for playing your first 5 minutes. (Note: this includes anyone who has already been playing - your next 5 minutes will earn the badge). Also you get some tokens. Yay!

User Experience Improvements

  • Messages about gifts get their own color in the message center now.
  • Your level bar also indicates your max HP
  • Your output bar is now the average your farm is earning. Right now it's just the average for your whole session. That might change depending on if it's helpful or not.

Bugs Fixed

  • The quick tree icon and the sword tool icon weren't loading on some platforms, now they are.
  • Call button for first floor on elevators only visible when the actual elevator is visible instead of floating there before the building is built

You can play Battle Farm HERE. Thanks for playing!

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