New Features

  • STARTED to put in floor types but had to publish out halfway through. So this build might be a bit wonky especially with the building floors.

User Experience Improvements

  • If you restart your game, you're now given a wait screen rather than watching everything reset (which can be a little ugly).
  • If you only have 1 seed of a type to sell, the "Sell All" button does not appear (since you can sell with the "Sell 1" button)
  • Removed the training dummy. That's going to be a training floor in your building instead (coming soon!)

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bunch of issues with resetting your game save, including levels not resetting, timers messed up, that sort of thing.
  • Fixed an exploitable bug where if you returned a planted tree to inventory, you could keep "returning" it until the model went away (which was lagging). Removed the lag.
  • If you bought a tree or tool and hit its max, the buy button would still be visible until you closed the panel. fixed.

You can play Battle Farm HERE. Thanks for playing!

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