This is the first game I've worked with tools and weapons in. Battle Farm classic didn't have them (it had cannons, which I plan to bring back to this game too). It's been a lot of learning especially using tools along with FilteringEnabled, which on its own always complicates matters (though - I'm getting the hang of it). I introduced the slingshots before I knew enough about tools and also about moving parts (like the shot) around. I'll get back to those in the next week or so.

New Features

  • NEW MONSTER - Smarty Bot is strong and might drop some metal if you kill it!
  • NEW MONSTER - Angry Ent is also strong and drops lumber when killed (sometimes!)
  • Silver swords award extra XP on monster hits.

User Experience Improvements

  • Made the swords a little better - fixed some timing issues with the cool down and added sound effects so that players have audio feedback when they hit (or miss) a target.
  • If you find a player bounty, the MOST it can award you is 2x your current coins. This is to prevent a brand new player getting millions and throwing off the game balance.

Bugs Fixed

  • The mail icon blink was going a bit nutty due to multiple timers - fixed.

You can play Battle Farm HERE. Thanks for playing!

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