New Features

  • NEW coin polisher floor - when you furnish it, your coins collected will increase.
  • Added name signs to the farms so you know which one belongs to which player.

User Experience Improvements

  • Fixed the sword timing so that you can attack enemies more easily.
  • Changed the enemy logic a bit mostly to try and continue to battle that "slow game" flag on the servers. I suspect it has to do with the enemies tying up all the cycles. We'll see.
  • Did a couple of things to streamline the farm claiming process: got rid of the column on the land - now you only claim by using the GUI. Also, the GUI disappears as soon as you click it, to prevent clicking twice by mistake. Clicking twice didn't really break anything, but it did teleport you to a different farm than you'd claimed which is confusing.

Bugs Fixed

  • Anchored the giant sign in each corner so it would stop falling over

You can play Battle Farm HERE. Thanks for playing!

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