Took another week off Battle Farm to work on SCAVENGE. This is mostly so that I keep from burning out on Battle Farm. There's a lot in there, and so much more I want to do, but this game is looking like it's not going to be very popular. That can wear on you after a bit so I switch back and forth to keep from getting discouraged. It's also SO much easier to quickly test out new (to me) coding concepts in SCAVENGE - so I try things there first (like loading player images into leaderboards).

New Features

  • Slingshots are back in the game! And this time they work! Upgrades and growable ammo to follow.

User Experience Improvements

  • The Output readout now also shows your current coin boost. e.g. Coin polishers each add .1 to your multiplier. And if you have a coin boost active then it's that x2.
  • Player pictures are now on the farm ownership signs.
  • Changed where some of the buttons were in the gui, mostly to make new mail more obvious.

You can play Battle Farm HERE. Thanks for playing!

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