New Features

  • NEW ENEMY: GOLD TERROR. It is rare, mean-spirited, hard to kill and drops GOLD when it dies.
  • Hall of Fame has been overhauled to show more players.

User Experience Improvements

  • In the ongoing attempt to stop the slow server issue, changed the way timing threads were working. Changed most delay calls to spawn calls.
  • Fixed the way player images were loading - now using which is incredibly helpful and way better than what I was doing before. Also made it so that if a player image isn't available at the first call, we'll check for it again later.
  • Farm signs now show who the owner is on both sides, so you can see who owns it while standing on the farm land.
  • Made finding GOLD on the ground more common.
  • Changed the "not enough coins/gold" panel a bit to streamline that message / process.

Bugs Fixed

  • When more than one player killed a monster, only the kill hit player got a drop item. That's fixed.

You can play Battle Farm HERE. Thanks for playing!

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