I spent some time away from Battle Farm to work on Scavenge. It gave me time to think through a few issues - mostly that the game balance and general FUN were way off. Also, there were some big issues with planting - namely it was difficult and frustrating. So I made some pretty fundamental changes to how you plant, how you see your inventory, and what a typical session of gameplay entails. Also got some model help from player JenryTheGhost!

New Features

  • Plants have their own stats now: you can fertilize them to boost their output, you can water them to keep them producing, and like real plants they do eventually age and die.
  • Plants now give each second rather than once every x seconds. This means they give less, but more frequently. It also means:
  • No more Quick Trees. These are now "Generous Trees" which are a mid-range price and higher output.

User Experience Improvements

  • Since the last iteration seems to have addressed the slow game problems, I've set the auto-save back to every 15 seconds and have removed the autosave warning at the start. You can still manually save your game if you want before you leave, just to be sure you keep everything up to the second.
  • Totally new way to manage inventory and plant plants. Trees planted into mounds of dirt on the ground. No more being told you can't plant somewhere! No more shovel tool, either.
  • No more plant store - all done through planting GUI now.

You can play Battle Farm HERE. Thanks for playing!

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