New Features

  • Slingshots are now upgradeable!
  • Weapon upgrades happen through the weapon choice GUI now, not the building floors.
  • New cow barn created by user HammerOfDarkness!

User Experience Improvements

  • Optimized the way I'm updating trees every second. Also makes them a little harder to hack into.
  • Reduced the number of monsters that can be on the field at any given time.
  • For now, have limited player count to 3 until I can get the EVER PRESENT lag issue under control. I am hoping to set it back to 4 someday soon.
  • Enemies now actually drop the items you won onto the field.

Bugs Fixed

  • If a user changed names, their old name and score would stay on the leaderboard. Fixed. This also wiped out the leaderboards but they'll be back.
  • High Yield coin trees were giving WAY too few coins due to some faulty math. Fixed!
  • When you respawn, you get to keep your max hp (it was resetting to 100 before).

You can play Battle Farm HERE. Thanks for playing!

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