I rushed out some 4th of July features (fireworks that gave coins) that only sort of half worked and were seriously OP due to a bug. So - those are disabled for now but will be back, and working better, at the next holiday.

New Features

  • Player banners for house that indicate player level, group rank (if in derangedokapi group) and prestige level (which right now is 1 for everyone until I get that bit written).

User Experience Improvements

  • Various lag fixes in place including: fewer monsters, slower tree times (they still give the same amount per second, they just do it every 5 seconds), more efficient drop spawn timing, better departed player cleanup.
  • Starter gifts are now automatically given (except some of the seeds) rather than sent to the mailbox. This way players start with some money and gold.
  • After you kill a monster it shouldn't be able to continue to inflict damage, unless it's huge and it just crushes you when it falls.
  • Moved things around in the town square to make it easier to find.
  • Trees are more generous! Game balance fix for lower level players.
  • If the game is having trouble saving, it now sends you a message in the message center to let you know.
  • The conveyor was having too many lag issues, so I changed it to a plant that gives coin. Not as fun to watch, but far less laggy (I HOPE).

You can play Battle Farm HERE. Thanks for playing!

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