Advertising on Roblox

Getting the word out about a game on Roblox is still something I’m working with. I’m not convinced their advertising mechanisms actually drive users to the games, but I need more data before I decide if/how to best get my games out there.

The algorithm for ad acceptance/rejection is pretty interesting (SLASH maddening). I just got this ad rejected immediately:

As in, no one even looked at it. The response page came back with “Ad Rejected”. I tweaked the image a bit, I renamed the file… reject reject reject.

One of the big problems with these rejections is that you don’t get any feedback. If the algorithm is deciding there’s, say, too much of one color, it could tell you that in its response (but it doesn’t). Or if there’s a font or word it doesn’t like. Again, you get nothing but the rejection, which means you get to waste a lot of time guessing.

So for fun I uploaded this one:

It was immediately approved. You can’t tell me that Roblox would rather that I run THIS ad than another one. Or maybe they would. Earlier today I saw an ad that was all green. That’s it. So maybe they’re assuming their user base will click on anything. I am kind of tempted to run the above ad and see if it gets any clicks. (ETA: I didn’t)

I renamed my first file WITHOUT the word “robot” in the filename (it had been ad_robotvs.png etc). I named it skyscraper_rb.png. It got through.